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On C4 you will find series of content devised to take you on journeys of discovery. We’d love each person involved in C4 to experience moments of different world-views, discover new perspectives, even feel a bit dizzy jumping from one series to the other. 

You are free to choose whether to experience whole series or single episodes. But remember that nothing will be recorded: everything will happen in the context of its unrepeatable moment. Yet, the most successful series will air more than once, and even have more seasons or spin-offs.

Learning is a lively domain of life that C4 wants to catalyze. A “platform of online courses” is just a tiny bit of what you will experience in C4, and even that will be different: transcontextual and energizing, so much to be a valuable experience way beyond the “course” itself. Promised.

This is what a different kind of entertainment means in C4.

Brought to you by caring humans

 at a bargain price to maximize your value

C4 relies on the passion and work of people that want to contribute in this decade of transition. All the producers of the C4 series donate at least 50% of their effort to grant everybody the possibility to experience a wide diversity of series, by keeping very low prices.

The small prices you pay for most of the episodes (while others are completely free) exists to keep this endeavour sustainable. The whole C4 works under a world-improving purpose, not a profit generating one.

We accept no limits to the care

for a better future, for each and all of us

The first few months of 2020 have been, among other things, a moment of reflection for many of us. At Cocoon Pro, believing in the action required to support a major adaptation in world-views, work dynamics, governance means and culture, in those strange weeks we have been working to help start raising the new.

Among many other reflections, looking back at how we were living in the last years, we have started playing with a strange question: how have we been entertaining ourselves? What are we feeding into our brains and hearts as a society? How many hours do we spend watching TV series and videos?

What if we’d put a bit of them into the making of a better future?
And what if it could well be entertaining, energizing, enriching?





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