Applying Socio-Technical Systems Design: Open Systems Theory and Practice in a Digital World






Serie Overview

Organizational theory and practice have been evolving for over 80 years. Its scientific base is in general systems theory, and specifically open systems theory which describes/includes living systems. Systems engineering and computer science are, likewise, derived from the science of general systems theory. The most popular organizational trends today stem from these theoretical roots – socio-technical organization design, agile development and practice, and digital platform organization design.
This workshop presents the open systems model, its core architecture and principles, and how it’s being used in the most innovative applications of innovative organization design today. In addition, the course has a focus on the role of the organization practitioner in the facilitation of design choices and operating model. What we offer is an “applied open-system thinking” framework. It is therefore both historical / conceptual and practical applied to our current world. 

Who should join us

  • Those interested in designing the future of work/organizations and how to best bring this forward.

  • Next generation of organization designers

  • Internal and external consultants (Organization Development and Organization Design)

  • Those attracted to systems thinking and eco-system design

  • Those doing Dev/Ops, Digital Transformation, Agile & Scrum, Lean & 6 Sigma, and Network and System Design

  • Managers and leaders on the front lines of organizations and ecosystems ​

All episodes details


The evolution of open systems theory and practice: from sociotechnical system, to agile development, to digital platform design.

What is STS and how is it “reframed” in the 21st century….the roots and history with lots of how does it translate/apply to today.  The organization as an open system: theory and principles and finding the right balance between efficiency and adaption – ambidexterity.

In this session we will set the foundation for all four modules and discuss pre and post work for each episode.

DATE: 15 June 2020
TIME: 12:00 – 14:00
COST: €100 + VAT

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