The Choice Conference 2021

November 26-27, 2021

The role of business choices in shaping a better future

A new decade has just begun. What is awaiting us? How has work been changed? How have we been changed? Two years have passed since The Choice Conference 2019 . Back then, we understood that in order for organizations to survive in the coming decade, and for our civilization to thrive in this era of Transition, new choices needed to come, as well as new practices and new possible futures. 2020 only made this feeling stronger. And it also changed everything. The new edition #theCC21 is now here for this.

Why taking part?


On November 26th, for 24 hours organizers from all over the world will each generate their “beat” events, shaping a co-created “music” about this decade shift. Indeed, the Choice Conference 2021 is a system of local events around the world. Each of them freely organized and globally visible as a local “Beat”. People that care about shaping a better future will gather around the globe to explore this decade shift, interwoven in a unique time-span and forming a global narrative.
Curious to find a “beat” nearby and be part of this global polycentric event? To know more visit:


On the 27th we will be in Milan to present the content produced in the previous day, to make sense of what is emerging, and to share pragmatic ways of navigating the decade shift. In fact, two workshops will be held for those who want to learn with us about effective approaches and techniques that can be applied in their own real-life contexts. Workshop 1 will be about “Organizing for variability and uncertainty“, while  Workshop 2 will be about “The crucial art and practice of work Facilitation

Way more than just learning content, the day of Nov 27th will be the beginning of a far reaching  reflection about the future of your own organization.
For more info on the program of the 27th and on the content of the two workshops, please visit:

Join us. Here go some reasons for you:

✔︎ Explore the multiple streams of disruption at play in the current decade shift, to understand their implications. 

✔︎ Make-sense together through real-life stories and cases, to sense what is emerging and understand what we want to do about it. 

✔︎ Learn about approaches, practices and tools to support you in the path you’ll choose to walk with your organization, in your unique journey within this shared landscape.

About the Tickets

The Choice Conference 2021 on the 27th will be hosted in Impact Hub Milan (Via Aosta, 4, 20155 Milano MI). 

We want to make the CC21 as effective a possible, while also being as inclusive as possible. Thus, here follow two different ticket solutions. Hurry up to secure your seat to the 27th event in Milan!

Early bird ticket – limited seats

The “Early bird ticket” is free and helps you through the door. It’s an incentive to block the date on your agenda. With this ticket you will have full access to the 27th event in Milan.

Once you have booked your ticket, you will receive a form to choose the workshop you wish to attend. Please note that the “Early bird” seats are limited: when sold out, sales end. Hurry up!

Sold Out!
Full ticket
€39 + VAT

With the “Full ticket” you will have full access to the 27th event in Milan. This ticket will also allow you to support the Choice Conference 2021, thank you for your contribution.

Once you have booked your ticket, you will receive a form to choose the workshop you wish to attend. Sales end when full capacity of the location is reached. Grab your ticket and join us!

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What participants say


What participants say

I am learning tremendously from the presentations, I want to hear even more from Paul, Pete and Stu, we are just scratching the surface! and the discussions are very interesting too because of the range of experiences and perspectives.
I've enjoyed all the episodes attended so far. Each one builds on the next, but could be attended individually and still make sense. The facilitators work well together and Emanuele's hosting is excellent. There's also lots of audience participation, plus the topics discussed are relevant and practical


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