Ohana Meetup:
the work revolution party

March 22-23, 2024

Want to have a look to what happened in the past 6 editions?
Visit: www.ohanameetup.party  

What Happens if the OHANA MEETS UP?

There is a change going on in the world of work. Beyond the buzzwords and the marketing around it, there are people sprouting and living a revolution. What happens if these people get together? What if we realized we are a tribe that is actually changing the world? Even more, we recognize that we have a bond and we are responsible for one another. We are our Ohana. And we’re gonna get together.

We will meet on the 22th of March 2024, at 2:00 pm to get the party started. Until 7:00 pm it’s gonna be a day for getting to know each other and what we’re up to. We’ll rely on open space technology for this to happen while co-learning and coalescing.

On the 23th of March 2024 we will back on track at 9:00am. The second day will have us diving into the core of the revolution, holding the space, nurturing the ecosystem and challenging each other with a few co-selected provocations. Then, from 7:00 pm music will take over, and it’s gonna be our Saturday night party together.

The city hosting the Ohana Meetup 2024 will be decided according to the provenance of participants and announced 2 months before the event.
The Ohana Meetup is an ecosystem enabler powered by Cocoon Pro. This is the 7th edition of the work revolution party.

Bringing your passion and experience into the Ohana Meetup is the best thing to do. So, grab your ticket and dare to be with us to dance through the revolution.

Want to have a look to what happened in the past 6 editions?
: www.ohanameetup.party 

Who should join us?

Any valuable professional actively evolving the way work is conceived and practiced.

About the Tickets

Venue: the city will be decided according to the provenance of participants and announced 2 months before the event. 

Refund policy: tickets are not refundable. Each ticket is a contribution to support the organization of this experience.

Ohana Party ticket

The “Ohana Party” ticket helps you through the door. It’s an incentive to block the date on your agenda. With this ticket you will have full access to the whole event. Buy it and meet the Ohana! 

Sales end on Jan 21st

PRICE: €80 + VAT

Ohana Supporter ticket

The “Ohana Supporter” ticket allows you to support this ecosystem enabler even if you will not be able to join the party in person.

Moreover, the “Ohana Supporter” ticket will give you the possibility to have a bit more time to figure out if you can actually join the party. In fact, if you have a “Ohana Supporter” ticket you can ask to upgrade it to a “Ohana Party” ticket, after Jan 21st and until there are seats available.

Sales are open: you can purchase at any time. 

PRICE: €10 + VAT


If you are registering from outside Italy and you don’t have a valid VAT Number, please use this info in the last three fields of the checkout page.

– Company/Professional
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– Your National Identification Number, or your passport, or your driving license, or any other personal ID.

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